Electronic Signatures in the Kenyan Legal Context

Technology has brought a lot of developments in our country in the recent years. You can now undertake bank transactions in the comfort of your home through your mobile phone. You can send any sums of money back and forth as needed, pay your bills and pay for your groceries at the till through MPesa. You can even withdraw money from your bank account through your phone.

And now we also have eGovernment. Government services are also going digital, allowing you to carry out and receive several government services online through https://accounts.ecitizen.go.ke while in the comfort of your home and pay for these services using mobile money.

In the commercial context, more and more people are preferring to do online shopping with the advent of local sites such as Jumia and Kilimall and foreign sites such as Amazon and Ebay. You can order whatever you want online, pay for it using mobile money, electronic card or cash on delivery and have it delivered to your doorstep. You never have to leave your house to look for it.

Inevitably, the question arises for businesses, as the world becomes a little oyster with everybody being able to reach everybody else and transactions being carried out across borders and countries all the time, “Can we also enter into binding contracts online where everything including signing of the document can be done electronically?” Continue reading “Electronic Signatures in the Kenyan Legal Context”